[PD] Cyclone in vanilla?

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Thu Apr 24 19:17:29 CEST 2008

Andy Farnell wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Apr 2008 09:38:07 -0700
> Miller Puckette <mpuckett at imusic1.ucsd.edu> wrote:
>> This is a serious problem -- putting a backwards "pow~" into Pd might
>> be worse than having none at all.  But writing a book that uses "pow"
>> backwards would be even worse than having one in Pd!
> Agreed. This is a difficult choice. 
> Since it would be in core how about ^ or **  

^ is usually bitwise XOR (in C, and Pd's expr).

** is used for powers in a number of languages (Haskell, Fortran too I 

But, there is the potential confusion of [pow][pow~][**][**~], it would 
be nice if the signal version of maths behaved the same as the 
non-signal maths with the same name (confusing if [pow] exists but the 
signal equivalent is [**~]).


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