[PD] pdp_opencv & pix_opencv new development

lluisgomez at hangar.org lluisgomez at hangar.org
Fri Apr 25 03:07:14 CEST 2008

hi all,

I started a new development for some OpenCV bindigs to PD, I have some  
objects working but no time to test or implement newones ...

I want to encourage people to test them and report bugs, features  
requests, experiences, etc ... and why not, to help coding ...

Please, note that this is alpha software with known bugs. It runs, and  
works at least some of the time, but use at your own risk.... ;) i  
mean, probably you will need to fight a bit to get them working ...  
but you also will help a lot with feedback

ok, here is the URL :

enjoi & thanks,

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