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On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 7:27 PM, Luigi Rensinghoff <
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> do you know how the numbers change if you cut everything from patch and
> paste it back in ?? my impression is that it does not start from zero ??
> What if you copy it to a new patch ? then it should start from zero.....

Well, if you are making these patches PROGRAMMATICALLY, then you can't cut
and paste, as there is no way to do that in programming.

You might want to open up some abstractions in a text editor, you can see
the code that PD uses to create these objects directly. It is very

> Well sure i could keep track of that....but what if i would like to modify
> an existing patch....

Can't do it programmatically. You can only add objects to an existing patch,
and if it is something that already has existing objects, there is no way to
know how many objects are already in a patch.

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