[PD] Cyclone in vanilla?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Apr 25 18:27:53 CEST 2008

Miller Puckette hat gesagt: // Miller Puckette wrote:

> OMG, is it really true that pow and pow~ are reversed from each other in
> Max (and hence cyclone)!?  

Not in Max, but in Cyclone, which uses the [pow] from Pd, which is
reverse from the [pow] in Max. 

According to the Max 4.6 manual both pow~ and pow in Max have base
right, exponent left, and the argument sets the base.

[pow] in Pd has base left and exponent right, argument sets the
exponent (i.e. the message at the right inlet). 

In the C-math-library, pow is: pow(x=base, y=exponent).

I guess, I'm convinced now that [pow~] in Pd should behave like Pd's
[pow] and the hell with Max-compatibility. However for Andy this
probably means even more work now ...

I think, Cyclone's [pow~] should be renamed to something like [rpow~]
then. IIRC Cyclone can be made to do some translations when importing
Max-patches like for [Snapshot~], a translation pow~ to rpow~ then
maybe could be added. I don't think, a warning message in Pd would be
necessary, it may be annoying.

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