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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Apr 25 20:09:48 CEST 2008

Mike McGonagle hat gesagt: // Mike McGonagle wrote:

> And yes, while this is possible, it just seems very "difficult" at best, to
> be able to create a patch and lay it out in such a way that you can make
> those sorts of selections. LOTS of planning would need to go into such a
> thing.

What I generally do *if* I'm doing dynamic patching is write as much as
possible into an abstraction and just create copies of that. nqpoly4~
may help with automating that. 

A very useful trick for these abstractions is to avoid doing connections
at all and just pass $0 as an argument. Then inside the abstraction, use
[r $1-inlet] receivers where $1 is the $0 of the parent as passed as
argument instead of inlets, and [s $1-outlet] instead of outlets. Outside of
the patch use [s $0-inlet] to write to the fake inlet, and [r $0-outlet]
to read from the fake sender outlet. Do the same for signals with r~/s~
and throw~/catch~ pairs. Most dynamic connections can be avoided by this

If you need to pass data from one dynamically created abstraction to
another, use a similar approach with numbered arguments. Again this can
be seen in action in the redesign of nqpoly4~.pd that I once did and
that's in svn/pd-extended as well, or in polypoly.pd.

Frank Barknecht

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