[PD] problems compiling pix_opencv in OSX (Was Re: pdp_opencv & pix_opencv new development)

lluisgomez at hangar.org lluisgomez at hangar.org
Sat Apr 26 12:48:52 CEST 2008

marius schebella <marius.schebella at gmail.com> ha escrito:

> got it working!


> lluisgomez at hangar.org wrote:
>> However, when I try to load any of them PD gives me this error::
>> /Users/lluisgomezbigorda/pix_opencv/pix_opencv_edge.pd_darwin:   
>> dlopen(/Users/lluisgomezbigorda/pix_opencv/pix_opencv_edge.pd_darwin, 10):   
>> Symbol not found: __ZN7GemBase10isRunnableEv
>>  Referenced from:   
>> /Users/lluisgomezbigorda/pix_opencv/pix_opencv_edge.pd_darwin
>>  Expected in: dynamic lookup
> I got this error too, but only when gem was not loaded. when gem is
> loaded, everything is fine.

please, can post what versions of (gem and pd) are you using?

> In order to make the opencv objects work I always had to set colorspace
> RGB. otherwise, I did no see any effect. I think the default on osx is
> yuv. anyway, will test a little more. great stuff!

yes, this is the eternal colorspace problem ;) ...

openCV works in RGB mode.

As it has good color conversion rutines it's possible to convert all  
frames passed as YUV to RGB inside the opencv objects, but this  
aproach will be CPU unefficent (specially if you connect some nested  
pix_opencv objects).

Anyway thanks for the report I updated online documentation with it.

marius, i have two strange behaviors with pix_opencv (probably bugs  
but as my camera don't work with gem i can't test them well), can you  
test them and report please ::

1.- strange behavior in pix_opencv_haarcascade, it uses the same code  
as pdp_opencv_haarcascade but it doesn?t show the same result.

2.- pix_opencv_contours_boundingrect works only in RGBA pixes?

and ofcourse, as I see you have some experience in CV you will find  
lots of features not implemented yet, so make a wishlist please ;)

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