[PD] pattern extraction/recognition

Dr. Greg Wilder gregwilder at orpheusmediaresearch.com
Mon Apr 28 15:09:40 CEST 2008

cristiano listas wrote:
> Hi, i'm looking for a way to make a patch that recognizes musical motifs 
> from a flute player in real-time.
> Maybe using ann externals to first training with the player, or with 
> some recorded material.
> There is other ways to do that?


While recent research has demonstrated solid progress, this is a _very_ 
deep subject with many remaining difficulties.  The primary issues are 
best demonstrated with a few questions:

1 - What specifically constitutes pattern similarity during the matching 
process?  Is it a rhythmic pattern?  Pitch?  Are both required for 

2 - How much (and in what ways) can the input deviate from the expected 
pattern and still be recognizable?

3 - What type of "extra" events are allowable without damaging the 
integrity of the original?  For example, if 5 consecutive "extra notes" 
were detected at the start of your motive would you want the system to 
identify it as the original, a variation, or might it be part of a 
new/different (but possibly related) idea?

Here are a few highly accomplished and respected authors on the subject. 
  Their research is a quick google away...

Emilios Cambouropoulos
Roger Dannenberg
Pierre-Yves Rolland
David Temperley


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