[PD] Trax - Sinusoidal Model Synthesis in Pure Data

Rich E reakinator at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 20:32:18 CEST 2008

I think a wiimote would work great, but you would have to make sure to
interpolate the time-advancement (I do this for the wacom because it
is usb, although it is not as crucial).  The current frame being
synthesized by Trax is given by a timetag, which are about 10ms apart
at the original speed (although it can be faster or slower).   For
that matter, interpolating all the wii- parameters would probably make
things sound better.  As far as mappings, I have never used the wii,
so I don't know.  But you probably have to defined a fixed point for
the beginning and end of file, as well as interpolation.

> that opens really some doors to new sounds. Thanks very much.

Wait until I get libsms up and running in real-time... tons of doors,
all leading to different places.  There's lots of things I wanted to
do with Trax, but it just isn't feasible using pd's control structure
and the data structs alone, it seems much better to do the low-level
stuff it in C and use pd as a controller.  I don't like having to
graph everything using Tk either, so that part will probably be moved
to opengl somehow.  All in due time.

thanks for all the comments.  I'd love to hear if people are getting
it to work, having problems, making cool sounds, etc.


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