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marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 18:14:14 CEST 2008

speech to text in opensource software is still poor, and even poorer for 
languages other than english. afaik pd also doesnot have a builtin 
solution for that. you could try to use a different program for that and 
parse the text, or you could try more basic approaches within pd (like 
pitch recognition, amplitude/envelope following, or rhythm/melody 
I am sure there are some commercial solutions out there (like in the 
iphone) that have good speech-to-text recognition, including dictionaries.
sorry that this probably is no real help for you, maybe someone else 
knows more?

Hugh Sung wrote:
> Hello!  I'm new to PD and was wondering if i could get a "working start" -
> i'd like to someday be able to create a PD applet that can take audio 
> input from a microphone and convert the sounds to text that can 
> simultaneously be applied to a concurrently running program, like a word 
> processor or a presentation program that accepts alpha-numeric input to 
> trigger events.  Can someone create a PD example that does the following:
> 1.  echo Alpha/numeric characters based on variable pitch
> 2.  echo alpha/numeric characters based on volume
> 3.  echo alpha/numeric characters based on rhythm (ie, number of pulses 
> per second or minute)
> Sorry if this sounds simplistic - if i can see an example of a PD patch 
> that can incorporate these elements, that will go a LONG way to helping 
> me learn how to program PD on my own!
> Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions, PD list!
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