[PD] 1st Encontro Internacional Puredata Brasil conference with Miller today (may 1st)

PORRES mentalosmosis at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 07:45:05 CEST 2008

hey folks, we are having an encounter down here in Brazil about to start now, things are running smoothly, we now consider it actually an international encounter with the presence of Alexandre Castonguay & Mathieu Bouchard here in Sao paulo, and now, because we are opening a channel for other people on the worldwide comunity connect and check on it.

The 1st Encontro Internacional Puredata Brasil (Iº EIPdBr 1-5 May) has invited Miller to speak on the current state of PureData, it’s development and community as well as what hopes he holds for it and the challenges that stand in the way of their realization.  One of the aims of the meeting is the discussion of the viability of a future PureData convention in Brazil.

The talk will be streamed via the Global Independent Streaming Support (giss) and questions and discussions arising from the talk can happen on the #dataflow channel.


irc.freenode.net #dataflow

It is scheduled to start at: 7pm GMT 01/05/2008

Alexandre Torres Porres & Alexandre Castonguay

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