[PD] what happens with GEM versions?

Matteo Sisti Sette matteosistisette at gmail.com
Thu May 1 19:03:08 CEST 2008


I use GEM under Windows XP, been using it for almost one year.

I used to use a version of GEM that I found somewhere among CVS snapshots or 
something, a precompiled binary compiled in 2006 for winNT, because it is 
the ONLY stable version that I found capable of handling DV-PAL-coded videos 
without crashing; and at that time (summer 2007), the most recent official 
release dated back to august 2004.

Recently a few months ago I think I remember a new official release was 
announced though I can't find it in the list archives. Now yesterday I had a 
look at http://gem.iem.at/ (isn't it the most official place to look at?), 
and download the binaries for windows at the top of the page.
It says (on that page): "released 2007-07-04".
However, the gem.dll file is dated august 2004, and I tried it and this is 
the output I can see on the PD window:

  GEM: Graphics Environment for Multimedia
  GEM: ver: 0.90
  GEM: compiled: Aug  3 2004

And I can assure I am using the version I just downloaded, namely 

So I'm really confused: it is said to have been released in july 2007 and 
yet it is still the old binary compiled in 2004????
Is there an error in the packaging? Am I downloading it from an obsolete 

By the way, it crashes if I load a DV-PAL avi file in a pix_movie. (doen't 
crash with homer.avi).
It does not crash when it loads though, it crashes when I turn on the 
[gemhead] chain containing the pix_movie with the file already loaded.
(very same patch works perfectly with the old 2006 version, which indeed is 

Now I will try the 0.91 beta, however I am a bit confused about this 
supposed 0.90.1 which seems to be indeed 0.90........ 

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