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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat May 3 12:21:50 CEST 2008

Langsam Wieder hat gesagt: // Langsam Wieder wrote:

> if you want to collect some ideas how a real usable and pretty
> interface for a modular environment could look like, have a look at
> http://synthmaker.co.uk/about.html
> it's got bendable links... you never have to leave edit mode... and
> have a look at how ALL interface elements as bitmap & vector knobs,
> sliders or wavedraw display consist of modules themselve.
> the environment is off course not as powerful as pd, but the interface
> is just a joy to work with.

I've never worked with that, however I'm always irritated, when
patching environments have their cord connections flow left to right
instead of top to bottom. IMO that's such a waste of space in
languages, that are written horizontally. If you look at the "Midi to
Poly" object here: http://synthmaker.co.uk/images/components%20L.png
you'll see that most of it is just an empty grey rectangle, whose
width is just there to make room for the object name. If the
in/outlets were top and bottom as in Pd and Max, the box could be much
smaller without losing any information.

Of course if objects are just icons instead of works, left-to-right
can work, but as Matju once said: "a word says more than a thousand
pictures" - icons are very limited. No wonder, SynthMaker also
includes a (quite nice) text editor for dsp code. 

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