[PD] pix_buffer_read/write confusion ?

Raphaël ILIAS raphael.ilias at yahoo.fr
Sat May 3 15:53:18 CEST 2008

Hi !

I had this problem twice in two different patchs using "pix_buffer_write"  and "pix_buffer_read" : 
While i'm reading a buffer (i use them to store live captured video), I change some parameters on pixes further in the gemlist, before they're sent to "pix_texture", especially "pix_flip". But when i  read the buffer again (for example if it's video loop), all changes i made before are played again, as if they had been written in the pix_buffer...
Just like if you were sending the signal of a guitar sample to a distorsion effect and it distort the stored sample data !

The patch is a such mess that i cannot attach it...
...but if someone has an idea or encountered the same problem....



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