[PD] collaborative live coding

Alexandre Castonguay acastonguay at artengine.ca
Sun May 4 22:18:14 CEST 2008

Hi IOhannes,

Thanks for answering quickly, I like the name peerdata :-)!  

I *think* things are going ok since I get this when I start the proxy 
with './startPROXY.sh' :

sys_nmidiin 0, nmidiindev 0
tk scaling is 1.82078853047
matchbox: OSC-pattern matching code (c) Matt Wright, CNMAT

Then ./startDSP doesn't post anything (or return an error).

But then, I get : 
alx at tatlin:~/Documents/src/peerdata/peerdata$ ./startGUI.sh
% wrong # args: should be "pdtk_pd_startup version apilist midiapilist 

I get another PD instance in which I can't load the audio + midi test patch. 
It loads a new patch named 'x82418f0'. I am able to create a new patch but I 
can't create an object within.  I get this -> 

'unable to create stub object in closed canvas!'
'can't read "pd_apilist": no such variable'

From the FAQ, I found I should do the following as a workaround : 

alx at tatlin:~/Documents/src/peerdata/peerdata$ cd /usr/local/lib/pd && 
pd -guiport 5500

But it fails to open a new instance of pd (it hangs without returning an 

How do I get pd to find these tk variables?



On Sunday 04 May 2008 13:02:50 IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> hi
> Alexandre Castonguay wrote:
> > Hi all, IOhannes,
> >
> > Could someone point me to the patches necessary for collaborative live
> > coding (demonstrated at the Montreal PD convention)?
> https://svn.umlaeute.mur.at/svnroot/zmoelnig/projects/peerdata/
> tell me if things are unclear :-) (documentation might need a brush-up)
> fgamsdr
> IOhannes
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