[PD] [PD-announce] PD/Freeduino workshop in Dakar, Senegal

JNM jnm at rom.fr
Mon May 5 02:48:25 CEST 2008

One of the first PD/Freeduino/P5 workshops in West Africa 
will take place in Dakar, Ker Thiossane Art Center, in 
Senegal, from monday to saturday, by Centre de Ressources 
Art Sensitif. Free entrance. Welcome. Given by Jerôme Abel 
and JNM from craslab.org

For anecdote, two students from Bamako, Mali, have 
travelled hundreds kilometers from friday , 8.00 in the 
morning, to today (sunday) in the afternoon, by local 
"buses", on destroyed roads, sand and dust, with 42 
degrees temperature (no cool air system), just to 
participate to this PD workshop starting tomorrow.
This contrasts with some french artists from Paris, 
complaining that our art center in the surburbs, where we 
organize our workshops, is to far from the center of 
Paris...( 4 kilometers...)...


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