[PD] schedule a sequence of events

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Mon May 5 11:57:00 CEST 2008


i needed to schedule a sequence of events, in this case start/stop 
certain parts of a patch over time. I wanted to be able to pass to an 
abstraction a list of time intervals (in secs and with variable length) 
and then get output a series of bangs after each of the intervals. I 
attach the solution I found, not sure if this is clever or there is 
maybe something already done for this? I use drip, coll and delay.

It receives a list of times like
2 3 0.5
and outputs the index at the right time. In this case after 2 secs 
outputs num 0, after 3 secs num 1, and after half a sec more outputs num 2.

I called it sequence but i bet this name is already taken and it would 
be wise to rename it with another one.

thanks for any feedback or ideas

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