[PD] ossmixer of ext13 not working with pd-extended

Ingo Scherzinger ingo at miamiwave.com
Mon May 5 14:39:25 CEST 2008

Hello Frank,


Thank you for the info!

I downloaded "amixer" but didn't succeed in compiling it. It could be
"amixer" or it could be me (I'm relatively new to Linux and don't really
know what to do when there are errors while compiling).


I'll keep trying! Maybe I'll get it to work somehow.






>>Ingo Scherzinger hat gesagt: // Ingo Scherzinger wrote:


>> Is anybody using ossmixer with pd-extended 0.41.4 on Ubuntu Gutsy?

>> It's not working here!


>If you use ALSA, you could try amixer from SVNROOT/externals/iem/amixer/
instead. Don't know if that still works, but I guess it does.




> Frank Barknecht


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