[PD] problems compiling pix_opencv in OSX (Was Re: pdp_opencv & pix_opencv new development)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue May 6 08:09:47 CEST 2008

Jack wrote:
> Hola Lluis,
> now i got this error and i really don't know what it is :)
> error: [pix_opencv_haarcascade]: cannot handle this format (1234567) !
> What does it mean ? Do you know where is the problem ?

it can mean 2 things.

it _should_ mean, that you send an image in a certain colorspace to the 
object, which does not know how to deal with this colorspace. (e.g. a 
YUV image to an RGBA effect; and nobody has coded yet the YUV-part)

however, i believe here it is something different.
if your _really_ get "1234567" as the format, then something else is 
wrong. usually, you should get the openGL colorspace ID here, e.g. 
"6408" for RGBA).
there is no openGL-colorspace "12345678", so this number has to come 
from somewhere else. it turns out that it is used as a magic number in 
the GemList.
you should never ever see it.

most likely you are trying to compile pix_opencv against a different 
version of Gem you are using.

always make sure to use the same version of Gem for compiling and 
running, if you don't want to experience any crashes.
(especially when using the CVS of Gem, where it might not be obvious 
that things have changed)

i guess i should introduce a kind of ABI check for 3rd party Gem-externals.
but not before the next release.


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