[PD] recursively search directories for abstractions

Matt Barber brbrofsvl at gmail.com
Wed May 7 04:16:41 CEST 2008

Hello again,

Is there an object that gets PD to search directories for
abstractions, without resetting the -path flags on startup?  And is
there any way to do so recursively?  I create an abstraction, say
[frac] which returns the fractional value of a float.  I have an
abstractions directory called "mbarb", and inside that a directory
called "math" where I want to put [frac].  I then want to be able to
send my patch to a friend, with the mbarb abstractions, and have the
patch load them automatically -- (I would prefer [frac] to
[mbarb/math/frac] ..)

Is there a way to do this, and if so do you know offhand after which
version this became available?  I have heard much talk about
[declare], but I have not tested any version of PD after 0.39, and it
doesn't seem to work there or before, unless I'm doing something

Thanks again,


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