[PD] jon~ (was: Dattorro plate)

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Wed May 7 05:20:27 CEST 2008

On Wed, May 07, 2008 at 12:03:47AM +0200, Anton Hörnquist wrote:
> Here's jon~, a reverb abstraction based on the algorithm in this
> article by Jon Dattorro:
> http://www.stanford.edu/~dattorro/EffectDesignPart1.pdf
> The allpass bit was taken from pd-list and the help file is copied
> from Millers rev3~-help and then modified a bit.
> Any feedback is appreciated.

Wow, great reverb! 0% CPU and it sounds sweet. Do you mind if I package
it up into a GOP abstraction and include it in my s-abstractions
collection (with appropriate credit to yourself of course)? I am playing
a set on Saturday and will most certainly make use of this, thanks so



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