[PD] [PD-announce] Proof Me! PD FLOSS Manual

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed May 7 09:54:10 CEST 2008

Derek Holzer wrote:
> Dear Pure Dataheads,
> following the PD FLOSS Booksprint in Croatia last month, the 0.1 version
> of the Pure Data FLOSS Manual is now online!
> http://flossmanuals.net/puredata
> Adam Hyde, Luka Prinčič and myself busted some serious ass to get this
> up, and now we're ready to take on our toughest customers: YOU.

great that it is here now.

> We'd really appreciate it if members of this list could read through the
> chapters, keeping the following points in mind:
> 1) Is the text clear and consistent?


i find it highly confusing that  the "Installing Pure Data on Debian" 
(and ubuntu) does not mention in a single word that you could just run 
"aptitude install puredata"

also, the InstallingOSX is probably not completed yet, as this is the 
only installer-page that has no beautiful imagery (but then it mentions 
'canonical' Pd)

and very minor: please rename "Windows" to "InstallingWindows"

i think "starting Pd from shell on w32" should use
  C:\Program Files\pd\bin\pd.com
instead of
  C:\Program Files\pd\bin\pd.exe
in order to have any benefit of using the cli.
also it would probably be better to use %ProgramFiles%\pd\bin\ to make 
it work on any installation (but then again, i guess this is probably 
too complicated)

in the "sack-overflow" faq, i find the the mentioning of "Dataflow 
Objects" rather confusing, as in the rest of the text, these are just 
"objects". are "DataFlow Objects" a different kind of objects?
(digging deeper into the tutorial i notice that you seem to refer to 
message-objects as "Dataflow Objects", so it makes a bit more sense; 
however, for me, this terminology is new; i therefore wonder why you 
introduced it)

VectorBasedGraphics are graphics "where every element on the screen is 
defined by a set of numbers describing their appearance".
now i wonder what's the difference to an "image", where every element on 
the screen (pixel) is defined by a set of numbers (R, G, B) describing 
their appearance.

MarkEx is no longer part of Gem

- in the Installing section you seem to refer to puredata.info, which is 
not at all found on the PureLinks page (well it is, in the mailinglist 
section); i would suggest to either use puredata.org _or_ puredata.info 
(and would favour the latter :-))
- "Linux Distributions with Pd": both Debian and ubuntu (regular) are 
simply missing; ubuntu studio has a " " leftover

> 4) Grammar/spelling, of course

Miller refers to "Pd" rather than "PD", shouldn't this canonical form be 
used? (which reminds me, that even the header of this list says [PD] :-|)

> Thanks and best wishes!

_very nice_

can i just incorporate some of the info into the puredata FAQ?


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