[PD] jon~ (was: Dattorro plate)

Anton Hörnquist anton.hornquist at gmail.com
Wed May 7 13:37:33 CEST 2008

 >  actually, i was looking for a pd-based reverb for my current project and
 >  the rev~* trilogy didn't quite fit my needs (i didn't find a way to
 >  create smaller rooms, even with short decays those sound like a big
 >  hall). your reverb sounds great (also the rev~* do, of course) and it is
 >  also quite what i was looking for in terms of roomsize. thanks for
 >  sharing it.

 Thanks! I think I can get even smaller room sounds by experimenting
 with the output tap structure.

 >  if you don't mind, i'll put it into pdmtl collection, as soon as i find
 >  time (when finished with the current project).

 I dont mind at all! :)

 >  a note on the implementation:
 >  some values seem to be hardcoded for a sampling rate of 44100. probably
 >  it would make sense to use [samplerate~] instead, so that the reverb
 >  sounds similar at different rates.

 Thanks. I'll look into this - I havent tried the patch in any other

 There's some text in the patch that may be confusing, though, cause
 it's only a reference to the figure in page 3 of the PDF article. For
 example [pd z^-4453] is not a sample-wise delay of 4453 as one would
 expect. It's a subpatcher with delwrite and delread 149.625
 milliseconds. I got this by dividing 4453 by sample rate 29761 Hz
 (4453 / 29761 = ~0.149625) as stated in the table on page 4. I hope
 this is correct, I'm not sure. :) I think I'll change the "pd z^-4453"
 text to avoid confusion anyways.


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