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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu May 8 15:22:35 CEST 2008

On May 7, 2008, at 9:54 AM, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:

> Derek Holzer wrote:
>> Dear Pure Dataheads,
>> following the PD FLOSS Booksprint in Croatia last month, the 0.1  
>> version
>> of the Pure Data FLOSS Manual is now online!
>> http://flossmanuals.net/puredata
>> Adam Hyde, Luka Prinčič and myself busted some serious ass to get  
>> this
>> up, and now we're ready to take on our toughest customers: YOU.
> great that it is here now.
>> We'd really appreciate it if members of this list could read  
>> through the
>> chapters, keeping the following points in mind:
>> 1) Is the text clear and consistent?
> Installing:
> i find it highly confusing that  the "Installing Pure Data on Debian"
> (and ubuntu) does not mention in a single word that you could just run
> "aptitude install puredata"
> also, the InstallingOSX is probably not completed yet, as this is the
> only installer-page that has no beautiful imagery (but then it  
> mentions
> 'canonical' Pd)

InstallingOSX looks pretty complete to me, I guess screenshots would  
be good, there is actually an extraneous line.  This line last  
applied for version 0.38.4, it would be much better if it was  
entirely removed:

    3. Copy the file named org.puredata.pd.plist to ~/Library/ 
Preferences. (The '~' character stands for your home folder).  
[REMARK: Is this still required? I think it worked 'automagically'  
when I installed it...]

Also, I think it should not be called "Hans-Christoph Steiner's  
extended version", many other people have contributed, and I indeed  
starting building on the work of others.  I think it would be better  
labeled "the Pd community's extended version" since it included the  
externals, docs, patches, etc of many many people.

One possible addition to InstallingOSX would be referencing JackOSX  
(http://jackosx.com/) for anyone who might want to use Jack.  Or on  
the InstallingWindows, it would be very good to point to ASIO4ALL  
http://www.asio4all.com/, since it is free as in beer and usually  
makes the audio work much better on Windows.


> and very minor: please rename "Windows" to "InstallingWindows"
> StartingPD:
> i think "starting Pd from shell on w32" should use
>   C:\Program Files\pd\bin\pd.com
> instead of
>   C:\Program Files\pd\bin\pd.exe
> in order to have any benefit of using the cli.
> also it would probably be better to use %ProgramFiles%\pd\bin\ to make
> it work on any installation (but then again, i guess this is probably
> too complicated)
> Troubleshooting
> in the "sack-overflow" faq, i find the the mentioning of "Dataflow
> Objects" rather confusing, as in the rest of the text, these are just
> "objects". are "DataFlow Objects" a different kind of objects?
> (digging deeper into the tutorial i notice that you seem to refer to
> message-objects as "Dataflow Objects", so it makes a bit more sense;
> however, for me, this terminology is new; i therefore wonder why you
> introduced it)
> PureGlossary:
> VectorBasedGraphics are graphics "where every element on the screen is
> defined by a set of numbers describing their appearance".
> now i wonder what's the difference to an "image", where every  
> element on
> the screen (pixel) is defined by a set of numbers (R, G, B) describing
> their appearance.
> ListOfObjects:
> MarkEx is no longer part of Gem
> PureLinks:
> - in the Installing section you seem to refer to puredata.info,  
> which is
> not at all found on the PureLinks page (well it is, in the mailinglist
> section); i would suggest to either use puredata.org _or_  
> puredata.info
> (and would favour the latter :-))
> - "Linux Distributions with Pd": both Debian and ubuntu (regular) are
> simply missing; ubuntu studio has a " " leftover
>> 4) Grammar/spelling, of course
> Miller refers to "Pd" rather than "PD", shouldn't this canonical  
> form be
> used? (which reminds me, that even the header of this list says  
> [PD] :-|)
>> Thanks and best wishes!
> _very nice_
> can i just incorporate some of the info into the puredata FAQ?
> mfga.sdr
> IOhannes
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