[PD] SQL->Python->puredata (text encode?)

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri May 9 11:17:36 CEST 2008

(please always answer to the list if it might be of interest to it...)

ths wrote:
> i receive data by OSC ... but we find a solution: python encode text on
> ASCII before send to PD (text2D/text3D in gem).
> Now, i think that is good ! But if you have any informations about  text
> encodage in PD, i would like to know why i can't receive special
> charaters in a SYMBOL when it receives by OSC !
> If not, how would make you to pass a character string from symbol to a
> message ?

Gem's [text3d] (and [text2d], but why would you want to use that?) has
another possibility to get the text:
use a message "string <char1> <char2> <char3> ..." where <char#> is a
numeric representation of the character.

e.g. "string 123 64 125" will display "{@}" (123 being the ASCII-code
for '{',...)

the fun-part comes now:
"string 232 673 294" (232 being the unicode for 'é', ...)

of course, the font you use has to support these characters (vera.ttf
(that comes with Gem) does not have characters 294 or 673 (the latter
being from the IPA-section of unicode that is contained in few fonts))

it should be pretty easy to send the numeric values from python instead
of characters/symbols)


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