[PD] List header (Was: Re: [PD-announce] Proof Me! PD FLOSS Manual)

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Fri May 9 16:15:14 CEST 2008

IOhannes m zmölnig wrote:
> Steffen Juul wrote:
>> On 07/05/2008, at 9.54, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
>>> Derek Holzer wrote:
>>>> 4) Grammar/spelling, of course
>>> Miller refers to "Pd" rather than "PD", shouldn't this canonical form be
>>> used? (which reminds me, that even the header of this list says [PD] :-|)
>> Oh dear. Any chance of changing that (for all the iem-lists)? Please.
> i could easily.
> but then i guess 500 people will start shouting at me, because their
> mail-filters won't work anymore :-)
> if nobody objects within the next week, i will change the subject-prefix
> from [PD] to [Pd] (and accordingly) on all Pd-related mailinglists.

I think mail filters are not case sensitive, at least thunderbird is 
not. I am more worried about spam filters of they are case sensitive, I 
had to train my mail programs (gmail [please don't shout at me...] and 
thunderbird), because some of the pd mails went to spam.
maybe you can send out a testmail with the new header and see if it 
comes through.

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