[PD] current version of GEM using QuickTime generates audio output!!!!!!!!!

Matteo Sisti Sette matteosistisette at gmail.com
Fri May 9 19:47:32 CEST 2008


This is also related to the thread:
"GEM: where to find gem-CVS20060412-NT-i686-bin (windows binaries)"

IOhannes wrote:
> which things do NOT
> work? which behave differently?

Here's one thing that behaves differently (and annoyingly) in the new 
version - dunnow if it can be set to work the other way.

I have DirectX 9.0c and QuickTime 7.4.5 installed in my Windows XP machine.

I attach a modified version of the help-patch of pix_film: the only change 
I've made is to add "RGBA 1" arguments to the [open...( message fed into the 
The important part is the "1" argument, which forces pix_film to use 
QuickTime rather than DirectX.

Now, try it with a dv-pal AVI file with audio - or maybe with ANY avi file 
with audio - or maybe even with a mov (I reproduced it with a dv-pal avi).
The annoying thing is that it is playing the file audio track, and it does 
not come from PD (dsp is turned off). I dunnow where the heck the audio 
comes from but i hear it.
If you don't activate the "auto" check nor move the frame number, a 
1-frame-long (which is 40msec) fragment of audio is repeated over and over 
again, and the patch consumes almost 100% CPU.

With old gem-CVS20060412-NT-i686 this doesn't happen, with the same version 
of quicktime. GEM only reproduced the video, through QuickTime, and ignores 
the audio (which is what you expect from GEM isn't it). Also, if you don't 
activate "auto" nor move the frame number, it consumes much less CPU (which 
is reasonable cause it's not decoding new frames).

I guess I do can assume that 2006 version is also using quicktime because of 
the "1" argument in the open message. I don't know if the attached output 
(obtained with old 2006 version) (at the end of the message)confirms this.

Why and where is the audio being played? How can I turn it off and avoid 
useless cpu usage???


Gem Man: QT init OK
MAN::resetState entered
pix_film:: avi support
handle 0 11A4530
filmQT created
pix_film:: quicktime support
handle 1 11A45E8
handle 2 11A4698
handle 3 11A4730
handle 4 11A47C0
handle 5 11A4858
handle 6 11A48F8
pix_filmNEW : openMessCallback
closing 8 handles
close 7
close 6
close 5
close 4
close 3
close 2
close 1
close 0
movie size x:720 y:576
got handle = 11A45E8
GEM: pix_film: Loaded file: 
with 14474 frames (720x576) at 482.000000 fps
GEM: connected to tablet
GemMan: create window
GLEW version 1.3.3 
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