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marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Sun May 11 02:32:53 CEST 2008

David Golightly wrote:
> Well scratch that then, perhaps that will only work when you're building 
> pd on your own machine.  If you launch Pd from Terminal, you might see 
> error output in that terminal window - that would be helpful to have.

ok, I first tested with 0.40, that did not work, I now tried with 0.41-4 
and think your patch is is already a great improvement compared to the 
current situation.
here are some things that you may consider.
up down buttons should be beside each other, maybe it is also possible 
to align buttons, please try to get rid of as many buttons as possible, 
reduce whatever is not needed. for example, the edit button is not 
necessary, if you can double click on the path, everybody will 
understand that. even better would be, if you could edit inside the list 
without the popup edit line. maybe it is also possible to drag the lines 
around with the mouse (without up/down buttons). and also click after 
the last line to add a new path. maybe the add/new could be the last 
line. or below the last line, or there is an empty line, that you can 
double click to add a new path.
delete could also be a small button beside each line, so that you don't 
have to select and then click on a button on the right side. (what about 
multiple select?).
add could also be named "new".
I immediately tried to resize the window to make it bigger, but resize 
is not enabled,
of course drag and drop from the file manager would be nice.
I like that the mouse wheel is working, the scrollbar only changes, if I 
move the mouse with a certain speed. when I move it slowly, the 
scrollbar is stuck.
also, when I use up / down buttons, then it would be nice it the 
scrollbar would move according to the position of the selection.
since I am on osx, I don't know how to add paths inside the application, 
which is a bundle.
when I click on cancel I get an error in the console:
NavGetReply failed, -128 but, it seems to cancel without problems.
when I click on the red X to close the window instead of cancel
I get an error in a tcl/tk popup:
invalid command name "path_cancel"
invalid command name "path_cancel"
     while executing
"path_cancel .gfxstub33a690"
     (command for "WM_DELETE_WINDOW" window manager protocol)

"apply" button and save all settings seem redundant. OK should save. 
apply might make sense if you want to save, but continue editing (=save, 
but don't close window). but usually you don't work that long in the 
path editor to need that functionality.
not sure what verbose and "use standard extension are for?
after some time I had problems with the mouse focus. maybe because of to 
much dragging. but a click would select another line as the one the 
mouse was over.
and of course after delete ctrl z for undo would be nice...
still, after all I like the improvements so far, and any small 
improvement is already a lot of work, so thanks!!!

> On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 3:17 PM, marius schebella 
> <marius.schebella at gmail.com <mailto:marius.schebella at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     I tried this with pd extended 0.40-3, but did not get a startup pref
>     window at all and the path window was very small and empty. (os x,
>     10.5.)
>     marius.
>     David Golightly wrote:
>         And, here's a version with an updated Startup dialog.  Simply
>         copy this to bin/pd.tk <http://pd.tk> <http://pd.tk> (make a
>         backup first!) to try it out.
>         On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 12:48 PM, David Golightly
>         <davigoli at gmail.com <mailto:davigoli at gmail.com>
>         <mailto:davigoli at gmail.com <mailto:davigoli at gmail.com>>> wrote:
>            On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 12:36 PM, Steffen Juul
>         <stffn at dibidut.dk <mailto:stffn at dibidut.dk>
>            <mailto:stffn at dibidut.dk <mailto:stffn at dibidut.dk>>> wrote:
>                On 10/05/2008, at 19.48, David Golightly wrote:
>                    Ok, after a busy week this is what I've been able to
>         come up
>                    with for the Path dialog.
>                Looking really good! The browse functionality is a fair
>         idiom in
>                a such GUI as oppose to entering text, i think.
>            Thanks!  I've often been kind of frustrated that I have to
>         type in
>            the full directory name rather than simply browsing to it.
>          For the
>            keyboard-inclined, however, text entry should still be possible.
>                "One" comment: I have a beef with the functionality of the
>                buttons. Not the Cancel one. The others. 'Apply' does
>         something.
>                'Ok' does 'apply' plus 'cancel'. 'Save...' does 'Apply' plus
>                saves. But it says the list is only gonna work from next
>         time Pd
>                is lunched, why i don't get the 'Apply' and 'Ok'. 'Ok'
>         should do
>                save and cancel. Thats all one wants, anit?
>            I agree.  I've preserved the pre-existing functionality for those
>            buttons from before, but do we really need both "Save" and
>         "Apply"?    Currently, "Save" also "saves preferences" (verbose
>         & use standard
>            extensions).  I think that should also happen when you click
>            "Apply", so we can do away with the "Save" button, and also make
>            sure that the message about needing to restart PD pops up
>         when you
>            click "OK" or "Apply".
>                    I'm thinking about adapting this UI for the Startup
>         dialog -
>                    shouldn't be hard to do - except instead of choosing
>                    directories you want to enter arbitrary text.
>                I haven't checked your code but i suppose most "proc's"
>         can be
>                reused?
>                    I've set up some various key bindings so I want to
>         make sure
>                    it seems usable for everyone.
>                Nice. What are they?
>            Default key bindings for the listbox widget give you "up" and
>         "down"
>            keys to select, I've added "Delete" to delete the current
>         selection,
>            and "Return" to open the browse dialog (same as pressing "Edit").
>                    So far I've only tested this on Mac OS X
>                OS X.4 here.
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