[PD] automated subpatch creation

Joseph Barrows jjbarrows at artwww.net
Mon May 12 07:03:23 CEST 2008

Hi Pd'ers,
i've seen some examples where a PD patch creates it's own subpatches on load
(or on bang), but havent seen anything in the documentation about it, is
there a tute or some details on howto do this i can read up on and refer to
while patching?
my aim is to create a large bunch of gem/pmpd objects, with slightly varying
characteritics (ie: texture map, gem text, physical properties).  they will
not be created all at once, but need to be done as inputs come into PD (new
text file at the moment - though on that point, is there a HTTP API for PD?
or not necessarily http).


Joseph Barrows
live video performance; web site design; new media artist
jjbarrows at artwww.net
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