[PD] linux sound architecture

Joseph Barrows jjbarrows at artwww.net
Tue May 13 13:11:42 CEST 2008

this is not strictly PD;
can someone inform me how sound works in linux ?
i am very confused about alsa, jack, pulse, oss, <hardware device name>,

I dont use audio a lot, but would love audio to work on my machine.  today
PD cant connect to any audio (in or out) yesterday the mic input was stuck
feeding through the speakers (without PD) but PD could get input (with a lot
of noise).

I want it to 'just work' ie all apps can access the inputs and all apps can
access the outputs (mixed).

ideally there would also be the option of a PD like patching environment to
re-patch a programs output to become another programs input (EG cd-audio out
--> pd-audio in (fun patch)--> hardware line out

though even better would be such a system for video (eg: mandelbrot program
video --> PD/gem --> hardware output)

Joseph Barrows
live video performance; web site design; new media artist
jjbarrows at artwww.net
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