[PD] UI developer volunteering to help - more suggestions

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu May 15 16:05:35 CEST 2008

On May 15, 2008, at 1:39 PM, João Pais wrote:

>>>>> A couple of weeks ago we also taked about the possibility of
>>>>> having user-defined color themes. I think that could be quite
>>>>> interesting, because you could have a brighter theme to work at
>>>>> home, a darker for concert/performance, etc. etc.  Hans told us
>>>>> where to find the color scheme, but I didn't find the Tk color
>>>>> codes yet (ok, I tried a bit, but not too much). A small applet
>>>>> to define the pd-colors would be great, but that's already too
>>>>> much to ask, there are probably more important stuff first.
>>>> Sounds useful, patches welcome!
>>> actually, if these settings could be controlled by pd itself, it
>>> would be quite easy to make a patch to manage these issues. or then
>>> just implement it on the interface's menus, maybe it makes more
>>> sense with the current pd structure.
>> you are exactly right, and luckily, it's already possible:
> great. I can do a pd patch with a GUI to set up these parameters (I  
> just can't say yet when it will be finished).
> But I still think that it would be better if these settings would  
> be read by pd itself, and loaded through a patch by the user. For  
> example, the patch I c(w)ould write would output a text file with  
> the pd-theme, and pd would access this file on startup (then an  
> extra parameter would be added to pd).
> I also think that the settings should at a later point be done in  
> Tcl/Tk menus, but for now I guess the xxx.pd-theme text file would  
> be enough. An even more mature option would be a tcl/tk dynamic  
> window/menu with all the themes stored on the path, and it would  
> only be necessary to click on one to make it work.
> but first things first: if anyone wants really to work in it and  
> has no hurry, I can start up the "pd theme chooser".

I am thinking of creating 'startup.pd', which would be a pd patch  
that is autmoatically loaded by Pd when it is started.  Then people  
could configure their own settings in the form of a Pd patch, for  
things that are more complicated than the preferences allow.


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