[PD] UI developer volunteering to help - more suggestions

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu May 15 19:28:33 CEST 2008

On May 15, 2008, at 5:10 PM, marius schebella wrote:

> Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> I am thinking of creating 'startup.pd', which would be a pd patch   
>> that is autmoatically loaded by Pd when it is started.  Then  
>> people  could configure their own settings in the form of a Pd  
>> patch, for  things that are more complicated than the preferences  
>> allow.
> I am not sure, if this is really a good solution, it could conflict  
> with the -open statement or patches that people already use on  
> startup.
> what you want to achieve is really more a settings issue, that has  
> to be set once, but you don't want an annoying startup patch  
> everytime.
> I am thinking of other programs, where you want to set your own  
> environment, and how that is handled.
> some programs open up a default new canvas (word, blender...), some  
> show up an "assistant" that asks you what you want to do (?...),  
> but none opens up a document just for settings.
> maybe your startup.pd should be a patch, called settings.pd and  
> will open when you chose it from the menu - "workspace settings".  
> but write to a settings file.
> maybe people want different settings for different patches, then  
> the individual settings should be loadable with a [patchsettings  
> theme1] abstraction that you throw into your patch and the argument  
> refers to a "pd style sheet".
> marius.

startup.pd would just a way to load/save settings like any other.  It  
could be easily optional, so if there was no startup.pd, it wouldn't  
do anything.  I would make it load invisibly, or perhaps it would be  
embedded in the Pd window... just ideas at the this point.D



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software means someone else controls that, and to some extent  
controls you." - Richard M. Stallman

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