[PD] install pd-ext from .deb?

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Fri May 16 20:12:43 CEST 2008


I am newish to ubuntu, so I hope I'm not offending anyone by asking this.

I already have pd-van 0.40.2-2 and pd-ext 0.39.3-1 installed on my system,  
but through synaptic (old versions, of course). So I just downloaded the  
freshest build, Pd-0.40.3-extended-20080516-ubuntu-gutsy-i386.deb. When I  
click on the file, and the installer opens up, it says "Error: Conflicts  
with the installed package 'puredata' " (that would be pd-van).
I also noticed that pd-van was installed in usr/bin/pd, pd-ext in  
usr/local/bin/pd, and the new installer wants to install the files in  

So I wanted to ask:

- which is the best way to install the new pd version? or is there a way  
to add a repository where the newest version is available, so that  
synaptic updates it automatically?

- Is it possible to install pd-ext where the program already is,  

- if pd-van (puredata) and pd-ext are different programs, why is the new  
.deb file colliding with 'puredata', that is, pd-van?

- I have already changed some files / made copies of them in the same  
folder. In case I install the new version on the same folder, will only  
repeated files be overwritten? (f.e., "default.pdsettings" will be for  
sure overwritten, but "default.pdsettings_backup" on the same folder won't  


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