[PD] install pd-ext from .deb?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat May 17 10:37:43 CEST 2008

João Pais wrote:
> Hi,
> So I wanted to ask:
> - which is the best way to install the new pd version? or is there a way  
> to add a repository where the newest version is available, so that  
> synaptic updates it automatically?

i don't think so.
it might be a good idea.

> - Is it possible to install pd-ext where the program already is,  
> usr/local/bin/pd?

.deb packages SHOULD NOT install to /usr/local (afair; i cannot give you 
any RFC/guideline/bestpractice that confirms this but you should be able 
to find something in the wide,wide,web)

so "just" installing the package SHOUT install to /usr/lib
you can however manually extract the content of the package using
% dpkg -x Pd-*.deb /extraction/path

so you could install the package manually to /usr/local
it is not recommended however

> - if pd-van (puredata) and pd-ext are different programs, why is the new  
> .deb file colliding with 'puredata', that is, pd-van?

because they are not totally different programs.
the idea is, that you can use one as a drop-in replacement for the 
other: if you have either pd-vanilla (pacakge "puredata") or pd-extended 
installed, you can just run /usr/bin/pd to launch a Pd.

your package-manager should handle the dependencies/conflicts correctly, 
that is: ask you if you want to uninstall the "puredata" package when 
you try to install the "pd-extended" package.

> - I have already changed some files / made copies of them in the same  
> folder. In case I install the new version on the same folder, will only  
> repeated files be overwritten? (f.e., "default.pdsettings" will be for  
> sure overwritten, but "default.pdsettings_backup" on the same folder won't  
> disappear?)

if it does overwrite a configuration-file without asking you, then this 
is clearly a bug.


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