[PD] dynamic GOP resize glitch

Patrice Colet pat at mamalala.org
Sun May 18 12:58:13 CEST 2008

hard off a écrit :
> ok, it's really hackish,  but my current solution is to send a 'font' 
> message to the parent, which forces a window redraw.
> seems to work ok, but i'm not really fond of such way-out approaches, 
> and it might start to get cluggy once i load in some sequencers and 
> stuff with more gui graphics.

I'm curious to see wwhat you are working on, I tried several different 
designs of a pd graphical sequencer, my last one is a drumbox available 
in here:


  Like always, this is not finished, I also worked on a tcl-tk script:


but it is still at the experimental state...

What about having some space to share ideas an objects for building 
audio/signal sequencers?

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