[PD] dynamic GOP resize glitch

Matt Barber brbrofsvl at gmail.com
Sun May 18 15:40:13 CEST 2008


I tried this out on 0.39 extended and got the same problem, but it
seems to work fine in 0.41 vanilla on initial tests - the cable
redraws happen accurately and immediately upon GOP resize.

The problem in 0.39 seems to be with the parent, not with the
abstraction, and like you the only thing I can get to work
automatically are things that force an entire parent window redraw,
e.g. sending a font message.  Maybe slightly less hackish and more
explicit would be to send a "vis 0" immediately followed by a "vis 1"
to the parent, but that would close your window for an instant.  I
thought sending a "tidy" message might work, but it didn't.  Let us
know if you find anything else, since this is something I will be
dealing with soon.



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> i have made an GOP abstraction that dynamically resizes itself when its
> settings are changed.
> this all works fine, except for one glitch:
> the cables leading out of this object are not scaled or moved.
> this is giving me half-cables, and cables coming out of the middle of an
> abstraction, etc..
> temporary fix is just to turn edit mode on and move the abstraction by 1
> pixel, but there must be a better way.
> any ideas?
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