[PD] dynamic GOP resize glitch

Matt Barber brbrofsvl at gmail.com
Sun May 18 17:18:01 CEST 2008


Thanks for this; it worked for me --  sending a "pop" message to the
name of the canvas in the abstraction (not to the parent) seems to
allow the cables coming from a GOP abstraction to connect in a
visually correct manner after GOP resize in both 0.39(extended) and
0.41, although I do get the following message:

consistency check failed: gstack_pop



marius schebella wrote:
> I very very vaguely remember something like a loadbang or a something
> like a "pop" message that is used for some graphical update thing and
> you could try if that helps you with the GOP to make it redraw in the
> parent patch. this might not work at all, just an idea, and I am not
> sure about the situation, in which I used it, but I think it was in
> connection with dynamic creation of arrays.
> hmm, yes, maybe this is something completely different.
> marius.
> hard off wrote:
>> ok, it's really hackish,  but my current solution is to send a 'font'
>> message to the parent, which forces a window redraw.
>> seems to work ok, but i'm not really fond of such way-out approaches,
>> and it might start to get cluggy once i load in some sequencers and
>> stuff with more gui graphics.

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