[PD] generating fluke objects strobo

robert grah smilingmolecule at web.de
Mon May 19 12:34:58 CEST 2008

hallo list,

i am new to pd, every day i am wondering how many things are possible in pd.
it is a great tool.

i am planing to do an audiovisual live project with pd and have some
questions, how i can realize it.

i have this php programm which creates graphical html pages by fluke.
everytime i refresh the php script the html looks different.

my plan is that i make sound in pure data and this sound requests and
controls the php script.
so my question is: is it possible to include browser functionalities into
pd? i think this is not possible. so my next question is:
is there any other programming language which i can use to generate similiar
graphics like my html stuff directly in pd (like tables, boxes)? i need
something which generates graphics in strobo speed.

which programming languages are supported in pd?

i hope i have expressed god enough that you can understand what i want.
maybe someone have ideas how i can realize my stuff.

robert grah
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