[PD] generating fluke objects strobo

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon May 19 13:53:43 CEST 2008

robert grah hat gesagt: // robert grah wrote:

> i am planing to do an audiovisual live project with pd and have some
> questions, how i can realize it.
> i have this php programm which creates graphical html pages by fluke.
> everytime i refresh the php script the html looks different.
> my plan is that i make sound in pure data and this sound requests and
> controls the php script.

Do you have any example for what exactly you want to do? I've never
heard of this "fluke" thing and searching the web for that term
yielded no useable results as fluke is a common word.

> so my question is: is it possible to include browser functionalities into
> pd? i think this is not possible. so my next question is:
> is there any other programming language which i can use to generate similiar
> graphics like my html stuff directly in pd (like tables, boxes)? i need
> something which generates graphics in strobo speed.

Gem can generate graphics at the usual 20/25 fps, which already is
much faster than a club stroboscope - and it's much faster than
loading websites, too.

> which programming languages are supported in pd?

Popular choices for scripting languages in Pd include Lua and Python.
Both can (be made to) talk to network services over a socket
connection or even http. You can also use Java with pdj, if that
suits you better, or Scheme etc.

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