[PD] Sonify database

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon May 19 14:36:57 CEST 2008

j milo taylor hat gesagt: // j milo taylor wrote:

> I am trying to sonify a mysql database that runs in a webbrowser.
> I have a number of php variables
> e.g
> <?php echo $totalRows_rs_artist_nodes?> e.g 7
> <?php echo $totalRows_Recordset1?> e.g. 4
> <?php echo $totalRows_rs_image?> e.g. 20
> <?php echo $totalRows_rs_audio?> e.g. 3
> <?php echo $totalRows_rs_video?> e.g 0
> does anyone have an idea about how to send the values of these variables 
> to pd?

For example using a socket connection from PHP -> Pd's netreceive,
either handmade or with something like this: 

Or access the DB directly with Python/pyext or Lua/pdlua.


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