[PD] Lua: request for 'require'...

Mike McGonagle mjmogo at gmail.com
Mon May 19 15:22:44 CEST 2008

On 5/19/08, Claude Heiland-Allen <claudiusmaximus at goto10.org> wrote:
> Mike McGonagle wrote:
>  There is support for one-off execution of .lua scripts found via Pd's path
> (relative to the object instance, not the original source file), use it like
> self:dofile("myscript.lua").

So, can I assume that this would effectively be the same as using
"require"? I am sure there will be differences, but I am not trying to
load a compiled binary, just curious if this has the same effect for
.lua files...

Thanks a lot for all your work, Claude (et al), but I will say that
this weekend was kind of frustrating, if not educational...

Oh, and obviously, I didn't have any trouble compiling from your
sources that I got. Do you have a regular release schedule? Or do you
post to the list when you make an update? I am just hoping to keep
surfing this bleeding edge so I can have more weekends like this
last... (just trying to be funny there...)


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