[PD] call for testing on the nightly builds!

Enrique Erne enrique at netpd.org
Mon May 19 18:04:53 CEST 2008

Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> On May 17, 2008, at 12:02 PM, Enrique Erne wrote:
>> Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>>> On May 13, 2008, at 10:06 AM, Enrique Erne wrote:
>>>> Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>>>>> Hey all,
>>>>> I've been fixing quite a lot of bugs in preparation of making the 
>>>>> Pd- extended 0.40.3 release.  It's getting pretty much ready, so 
>>>>> please  test it heavily so we can find any outstanding bugs!
>>>>> Jack just pointed out that pdp on Mac OS X/PowerPC is having 
>>>>> problems  loading videos, and is crashing, so I am working on that 
>>>>> now.
>>>> some objects can't create. i think that all of them are know 
>>>> problems. for me not be able to use <~ and >~ is _most_ annoying 
>>>> (hexloader-something?). i know there are workarounds with expr.
>>>> not including iem-t3 lib is a loss but i can live without it. thou 
>>>> it makes around 5 nice netpd patches not usable anymore.
>>> You can now file bug reports from the Help menu in Pd-extended. 
>>> Please file a bug report for this.
>> i wrote a bug report for iem_t3
>> i'm not sure about the hexloader. i found this:
>> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1637460&group_id=55736&atid=478070 
>> should i file a new bug report?
> hexloader should be included in tomorrow's build.  Please test it.  The 
> t3 stuff should be in today's build.

for some reason the osx i386 didn't build.

so i tested with Pd-0.40.3-extended-20080519-macosx104-powerpc in 
Rosetta mode.

it3_delay and the other t3's work!

the hexloader seems to work too

but [<~] is now doing a:

load_object: Symbol "0x3e0x7e_setup" not found
  expr~ $v1 > $v2
... couldn't create

i don't understand the issue here. it seems to load an abstraction 
0x3c0x7e.pd with [expr~ $v1 > $v2] and expr~ somehow doesn't create.

when i load a plain [expr~] it _can_ create. and after doing so [<~] is 
working as well...

should i file a bugreport for... uhm..
expr or 0x3c0x7e.pd ?


i found a new one in the Help/Search input field i can't write anything. 
  should i file a bug report for this?


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