[PD] generating fluke objects strobo

robert grah smilingmolecule at web.de
Mon May 19 19:14:39 CEST 2008

hallo frank,
2008/5/19 Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org>:
> Ah! And I thought "fluke" was the name of a PHP library ...

:) sorry my english is a mix between gangstar rap and bad school english.
something like this.

> I won't ask now what "strobo speed style" is though I don't know what it
> is. ;)

"strobo speed style" should mean, fast changing images. like a stroboscope.

> Anyway Gem is a OpenGL graphics system for Pd. You can generate colored
> boxes with Gem easily, using the programming/patching approach as for
> audio or message programming in Pd.  Gem is something completely
> different from Python in this context: With Python in Pd you write new
> Pd objects in Python, while Gem is a collection of special purpose
> objects.

i understand the differences, i thought maybee python can be used embeded
for relising dificult actions directly in sourcecode form.

is it possible to embed images as a box background. i am sure this will
work, i will check this out in the docu.

so thanks a lot jack and frank for the infos, and sorry for my bad english

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