[PD] sonify database - load soundfile

j milo taylor milo at suborg.net
Tue May 20 11:23:27 CEST 2008

re: yesterday's post, php to pd - now working great, thanks jack, frank 
and alexandre for helping me.

a further development of this app is to load in soundfiles referenced 
from the database. these soundfiles will then be able to be manipulated 
by granular synthesis, etc etc etc

from what i understand i will need to [readsf~], and record this stream 
into a table [tabwrite~], and it is upon the new sample in this table 
that any granular processing, pitch shifting etc will be applied.

has anyone done something like this? am i on the right lines? how should 
i deal with multiple soundfiles (for example i can imagine one context 
where there is only one soundfile available, another when there is say 
5, and another where there is 20.

all the best,


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