[PD] int - float confusion with OSC communication

alberto.zin at poste.it alberto.zin at poste.it
Tue May 20 12:55:56 CEST 2008

Hi Raul,

>I'm finishing an application using PD & Processing (great
>combination for
>sound applications with easy & nice GUI!), but I have a
>little problem.

no hints for your problem (sorry :-) 
but I'm start thinking about
interaction between processing and PD in the same way 
you are using it (processing for GUI and possibly audio
visualization, PD as audio engine). 
Therefore I'm a bit curious about
the your project.. Do you mind sharing some details 
of your project (GUI look, etc)? 

BTW, OSC is used for message passing between the two
apps, what about audio passing from PD to Processing?
Is it possbile?

Sorry for being a bit OT..




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