[PD] wierd feedback popping with pd/freebob/jack/rt

Rich E reakinator at gmail.com
Tue May 20 14:15:08 CEST 2008


I have been having this problem off and on for a while, but never thought it
would do any good to post on this forum about it.  However, I have a lead

I have an Edirol FA-101 hooked up to pd in Ubuntu Gutsy, with the rt
kernel.  If pd is running by itself, everything sounds great.  If jack is
running in non-realtime and there are lots of things going on, everything
sounds great except there are big pauses in midi/audio throughput.  If jack
is running in realtime everything BUT pd sounds great, while pd produces
feint pops, with feedback.

And what I just noticed today, if I start another JACK application
afterwards, the pops go away and everything is runnnig smooth in realtime.
I don't know if it is just any application, but what I am explaining
happened when I opened audacity to try to record the output of pd's

I've only had this issue with pd.  Does this make sense to anyone?

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