[PD] pdp_qt on Mac OS X

ydegoyon at free.fr ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed May 21 15:43:24 CEST 2008

> Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> Of course, when I post this, the Mac/Intel build didn't happen...
>> arg...
> i tested the pdp_qt and pdp_yqt (with a self compiled pdx version).
> I could load some files, but not all. pdp_yqt does not output sound.
> but with one file pd crashed my whole system. the computer just
> became very slow and did not respond anymore, I had to hard reset
> it. (twice, because I wanted to be sure, that was really happening).

> I think pdp_yqt is pretty buggy.  Use pdp_qt or pdp_qt~ for sound maybe.

I think it's just a fast excuse to not wondering
why libquicktime is poorly compiled
and installed on OSX ..
( i think here it doesn't have the support for mp3 )

pdp_yqt plays sounds ok on linux, thanks.


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