[PD] pdp_qt on Mac OS X

husk husk00 at gmail.com
Thu May 22 03:49:36 CEST 2008

ydegoyon at free.fr wrote:
> pdp_yqt plays sounds ok on linux, thanks.
Hi Yves, i'm curious about tools you're using...
I'm on Ubuntu hardy and all seems to work well, but the only sound i get 
from pdp_yqt is from afropixel.mov video (with cuts and clicks). I use 
avidemux and cinerella for encode my a/v, but i didn't find still a 
correct format. Strangely pdp_qt~ open more video with audio than 
pdp_yqt, but when it arrive at the last frame pd crash. 
> ciao,
> sevy

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