[PD] Getting Sysex output to work on Linux

PSPunch shima at pspunch.com
Mon May 26 15:11:53 CEST 2008


> OSS has, IIRC, been deprecated for many years now.
> ALSA should be the correct one to use on Linux.

Deprecated in terms of people abandoning it, or is it literally not 
functioning any more?

To be specific, what I am trying to get working is a Korg padKontrol 
which is basically a USB-MIDI device. As soon at it is connected to my 
Ubuntu box, it is recognized as an Alsa-MIDI device. When routing this 
to Pd, only Sysex messages are dropped. (No response when routing 
directly to kmidimon either)

Since Miller had suggested its usage, I was hoping OSS to work but not 
quite yet.
I understand that this classic API takes a different approach from ALSA 
and expects applications to route directly to each other. The list of 
MIDI devices that Pd offers to connect to is simply blank.
Is there such thing as a wrapper that lets Alsa-MIDI devices be 
recognized as OSS devices?

David Shimamoto

> And, also, for the past year or so there's been a new JACK MIDI API which is a lot cleaner (and strongly-timed) than ALSA, although it of course uses ALSA for transmission to actual MIDI devices.
> -ken

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