[PD] pdp_yqt and libquicktime on ubuntu hardy

husk husk00 at gmail.com
Mon May 26 21:07:09 CEST 2008

Hi list!
I need your help, i'm very confused. I'm triyng to use pdp_yqt without 
any usable result. I'm on an ubuntu hardy machine with pd-extended. I 
have compiled pdp with different version of libquicktime but the problem 
is still the same: i don't get (almost) any sound. The only one (almost) 
worked was  afropixel2008.mov, a video file posted here some week ago, 
but if i make a similar video, with same audio and video codecs, sample 
rate etc, it doesn't work. The strange thing is it play ok with lqtplay 
(i can listen the audio) but not with pdp_yqt (does it use libquicktime 
for play video files?).
In some ancient message Yves says to compile pdp with old version of 
libquicktime, but if i install last deb pd-extended package it depend 
from  libquicktime1 (that is newer than libquicktime 0.9.2). SO, how can 
i install last pd-extedend with libquicktime 0.9.2? Anyone use pdp_yqt 
without problem on an ubuntu hardy? If yes, can you post a video/audio 
many thanks

cofused Husk

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