[PD] netpd broken?

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Thu May 29 15:54:10 CEST 2008

On Thu, 2008-05-29 at 23:14 +1000, Max Neupert wrote:
> ok here my findings:
> after another
> [declare -path /Users/max/Desktop/netpd/includes]
> i could not make an object like [netpd-f]
> strange thing is: that even after adding the path to the paths- 
> preferences of pd, then restarting pd + netpd there was still no  
> chance to make a netpd object.
> and yes, the path was right.
> i tested it without netpd and it works there (made a folder somewhere  
> with a patchname testerx.pd included the path to that in the paths  
> and used it in a new file) that works.
> i thought the ui-work may heve broken the paths all in all but that's  
> not the case.
> maybe i have some time tomorrow to give it another try.
> this is todays autobuild on ppc osx 10.4
> m.

just a little remark (you might know it already):

[declare -*path] works locally in the sense, that pathes are added only
for the patch, that holds the [declare]. for testing the netpd stuff, it
really only works, if you try it within the _chat.pd patch. 

remark2 (probably even better known):
when adding a [declare], save the patch, close and reopen it in order to
test whether the [declare] really works. instantiating a [declare] does
_not_ immediately add pathes.

check, whether all the netpd stuff is really there. is there a
netpd/includes/netpd-f.pd and netpd/includes/creator.pd ? if so, it is
very strange, that you weren't able to create those even after adding
the path to netpd/includes to your settings. i don't have any
explanation for that.


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